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    A typical Bar Mitzvah service includes:

    • Prayer service
    • Reading of the Torah and/or Haftorah and appropriate blessings
    • Traditional songs
    • Speeches delivered by the Rabbi, the Bar Mitzvah boy, and parents
    • Kiddush

    The Bar Mitzvah boy may do as much as lead the entire service and read the Torah and Haftorah or as little as just being called up to the Torah for an Aliyah (2 blessings) or anything in between. This will be determined by both the boy's level of Hebrew knowledge and time remaining before Bar Mitzvah. Most Bar Mitzvah boys who graduate Chabad Hebrew School are called up for an Aliyah and read the Torah or Haftorah and its blessings.


    The Bar Mitzvah boy will need to work with a private tutor/Rabbi (either Rabbi Kramer or any qualified teacher) to learn how to read from the Torah and/or Haftorah and put on Tefillin etc. During this time, they will also learn the meaning and background behind many of the Bar Mitzvah traditions and rituals.

    Limited - 12 Lessons:
    Prep time: 3-4 months

    With this tutoring package the Bar Mitzvah Boy will learn all the essentials of the Bar Mitzvah, including the Torah Blessings, reading from the Torah, Tefillen and Tallit.  If the student knows how to read Hebrew they will learn it in Hebrew, and if they don't they will learn it with English transliteration. 

    Standard - 22 Lessons:
    Prep time: 6-7 months

    With this tutoring package, in addition to the above, the Bar Mitzvah boy will learn to read Hebrew. 

    Full -  44 Lessons:
    Prep time: 1 year
    With this tutoring package, in addition to the above, the Bar Mitzvah boy will delve into all aspects of Judaism, familiarizing himself with the principles of Torah.  

    Our goal is to make the Journey as enjoyable, stimulating and as meaningful as possible.


    The Bar Mitzvah boy is encouraged to choose a Tzedaka or Mitzvah project (such as volunteering his time or raising money for a charitable organization) in honor of his Bar Mitzvah. We will discuss the Mitzvah Project concept during our first few lessons.


    1) Shabbat Morning Service:

    • 9:00 am Service begins
    • 9:30 am Time to indicate for guests to arrive
    • 10:00 am Opening of the Ark
      The Bar Mitzvah boy recites 3 verses and carries the Torah to the Bimah
    • 10:30 am Reading of the Torah Portion
      The Bar Mitzvah boy recites a portion of the Torah-reading with its cantillation as part of our Shabbat morning service
    • 11:15 am Speech
      The Bar Mitzvah boy addresses the audience, incorporating lessons from his readings and Mitzvah Project
    • 12:00 pm Kiddush
      The Bar Mitzvah family sponsors a Kiddush or a full luncheon. Please contact the office at 561-487-2934 to book
    • 12:30 pm Parents speech
      Parents and other family members are welcome to share speeches during the Kiddush

    Jewish Law prevents us from allowing pictures on Shabbat. However, you are welcome to schedule a weekday photo and video session. Photos and videos are permitted at weekday/Sunday events.

    Advantage of this service is that it is very traditional, and the involvement of the congregation lends itself to a genuine and joyous celebration.

    2) Weekday Minyan Service: The weekday morning service begins at 7:00 am and includes Torah reading with 3 Aliyot and Torah Portions, the laying of Tefillin, as well as additional prayers and speeches. The service is approximately 60 minutes long. You may choose to have a weekday Bar Mitzvah on a Monday or Thursday.

    Many choose this option in addition to the Shabbat morning service

    3) Weekday Private Service: The weekday Shacharit (morning or early afternoon) service includes Torah reading with 3 Aliyot and Torah Portions, the laying of Tefillin, as well as additional prayers and speeches. The service is approximately 75 minutes long. You may choose to have a weekday Bar Mitzvah on a Monday, Thursday, or Rosh Chodesh (1st day of Hebrew month), which can sometimes fall out on a Sunday. 10 Jewish men will be needed to choose this option.

    Advantage of this service is convenience for observant family members to drive as opposed to Shabbat. Photography, Video, and microphones are permissible to be used which they cannot be on Shabbat. Rabbi can travel to any location of your choosing for service.


    • Bar Mitzvah should be held on or anytime shortly after 13th birthday (according to Hebrew birthday).
    • He should attend Hebrew School program as well as the Bar Mitzvah lessons (as needed).
    • Family will need to purchase Tefillin and Bar Mitzvah boy will learn how to don them with the Rabbi.
    • Aliyot and additional honors are traditionally bestowed on the family and close friends of the Bar Mitzvah family.
    • A Bar Mitzvah Certificate will be given upon the completion of the Bar Mitzvah.
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  • Preparation Options:
    Bar Mitzvah Tuition Limited (12 Lessons) 
    Prep Time: 3-4 Months*   
    Bar Mitzvah Tuition Standard (22 Lessons) 
    Prep Time: 6-7 Months*      

    Bar Mitzvah Tuition Full (44 Lessons) 
    Prep Time: 1 year*      

    Service Options: (Officiant's Honorarium)
    Weekday Minyan Service              $300
    Traditional Shabbat Service              $400
    Weekday Private Service              $500
    *Additional Lessons at $100 per lesson         
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  • Payment:
    50% at start of lessons. Remainder at the conclusion. 
    Payments are made via check, zelle, venmo or paypal.

  • Lessons:
    Lessons are generally once per week.
    There are three lesson time slots each day, Monday to Thursday. Please select your preferred lesson date and time.
    Please select at least two time slots below:

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  • For more information please reach out to Rabbi Kramer on his cell at 561-562-1367

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